Rick Schmitt of Stormcloud hands over a check for $900 to President Peregrine
Thursday, November 3, 2011
Rick Schmitt of Stormcloud Brewing Company handed over a check for $900 to Jay Peregrine, Frankfort Rotary 2021-2022 President, at our Wednesday noontime meeting.  Stormcloud participated in Frankfort Rotary's 2021 "Pints-for-Polio" drive, donating $1.00 for every beer sold at their Main Street location during Beer Week - October 4 and 9, 5pm - 8pm.  Rick reported that they sold 859 pints of beer over that period - and generously rounded the donation up to $900.  
Many Frankfort Rotary members joined with family, friends, and total strangers to celebrate Beer Week around raising money to help cure polio.  Thank you Rick and Stormcloud!